Industry Wide Consulting – to your advantage

Our objective is to offer the Service Sector intermediary consultation in order that our customers may have the best possible fundamental decision-making information regarding material development treatment at their disposal.

In many branches of industry thermal treatment processes are a prerequisite for further production steps. We advise and provide customer and industrial enterprises with support from a variety of sectors.  Numerous companies, mainly customers from the production industries, profit from our high quality and effective expert services.  An optimised implementation of thermal process techniques offers our customers from the automotive and medical industries - or manufacturer of, for example, turbine blades – machinery or tools - new efficient potential applications. In response to the rapid developments in the Electronic branch customers, especially from the Target Industry, have profited from our services. Take advantage of our efficient services on offer that can be tailor-made to your individual requirements - from the consultation of the appropriate techniques over the development of new treatment processes to the recommendation of in-house plant.