HIP and Powder Metallurgy Products

Specific issues require specific solutions

We are specialists when answering any questions you may have concerning applications and contract work with regard to thermal processes such as CIP, HIP and PM. The primary objective of these treatment-technologies is to improve the physical properties of your material as well as minimizing wear, friction and corrosion while optimizing the surfaces. CIP, as well as HIP treatments, belongs to the processes used in the production of powder metallurgy products.

CIP and HIP are used to compress powder metallurgy components to achieve the density required in any subsequent work processes. Various other combinations of materials can also be produced using this method. The thermal treatment assures a higher material quality while, at the same time, reducing the amount of mechanical work required. The objective of the material diffusion bonding is to achieve reliable protection against wear and corrosion.

We can advise you which treatment will provide the optimal results for your requirements.